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Here’s the iHeart Radio Interview with Dr Marilyn Joyce

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iHeart Radio Interview: January Jones of Sharing Success Stories Interviews Dr Marilyn Joyce on… INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy and Vitality! About a week ago, before my iHeart radio interview, I was contemplating the fact that we are already into the month of September – and the Holiday season will be upon us before we know it! And then I had an epiphany! And it started with a question that just seemed to pop into my brain… Is there a specific month in your life that stands out? Or year? Or both? Well, September is the month that really stands out for me (beyond the infamous 9/11 event)…it was the month I was first diagnosed with cancer. And the year that stands out is 1985! Seems so long ago on one hand. And like yesterday on another! And I remember feeling completely overwhelmed, shocked to my core, scared beyond words, in complete disbelief, disappointed, frustrated, and even angry…How could this be happening to me? Why me? (I was a great victim back then!) I was only 35 years old! Flip forward 4 years to September of 1989…yes, September again…I found myself chronically fatigued, stressed out, burned out, and at the end of the road! Given less than 2 weeks to live, and reduced to sucking on ice chips, unable to eat or drink anything, and living in a wheelchair, things looked pretty darned grim. Fact was I couldn’t do anything that took longer than 5 minutes. Simply no energy for anything! So, out of necessity, we developed really easy 5-minute strategies, and systems, for both myself and my caregivers! And they included everything from shifting mindset instantly, to 5-minute exercises, to simple quick and healthy smoothies, to increasing energy through a simple 5-minute breathing process…you name it, we created it! Years later, many of these strategies were introduced to the world in a book called 5 Minutes to Health. But it really only addressed nutrition…and a little bit about the other aspects of healthy living. So, it became a burning desire, deep within my soul, to share the whole 9 yards with everyone and anyone who entered my world. And that led to the emergence of...

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You or Someone You Love Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer…Now What?

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By Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™ Well, let’s start with looking at the two things people on the cancer journey – whether the patient or the caregiver – generally most lack. Time and energy! Right??? So, Enter Now… 5 Minutes – 5 Times A Day – Instant Energy Guaranteed! Here’s the next step in taking charge of your health and your life… If you’re anything like I was 30 years ago, when I was first diagnosed with cancer, you probably want to find the quickest and easiest path back to health. And…with the least devastating treatments and outcomes possible! Right? So if, in fact, you are walking, or maybe crawling, along this cancer path, as either the patient or the caregiver, tell me if you can relate to any, or all, of the following: • Shock and denial • Disappointment and anger • Victimized and defeated • Constant fatigue • Fear and despair • Anxiety and stress • Overwhelm and feeling lost • Helpless and hopeless Let’s just stop there…because I have great news for you! Next Tuesday, August 11th, I’m going to delve into how to take charge of your health and your body right now…5 minutes at a time! And you’ll walk away from this FREE webinar with simple, quick and easy 5-minute healthy tips and strategies to get yourself out of the negative slump or rut you might be finding yourself in due to this diagnosis. Plus, you’ll instantly feel re-balanced, re-energized, re-focused, and emotionally uplifted after participating in a couple of amazingly simple processes. And best of all, you’ll get the inspiration you so desperately need and want – from a 5-time cancer survivor who’s a 26+ year Thriver – that’s Me! So please join Dave Sheahan and Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™ to stop the insanity of INACTION (Cancer loves – and thrives – on INACTION!), and take the right ACTION(S) to get your health back, even better than it was before! UPDATE: Missed the webinar? No problem…Hop on over to the video of the replay right away! Just click here now!   And here’s the next step in taking charge of your health and your...

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What Foods Can I Take With Me On Treatment Days?

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So What The Heck Can I Eat On Treatment Days That’s Easy to Pack, Carry and Eat? And Tastes Great Too! ~~~~~~~~~~ I get asked this question all the time! So, over the coming days and weeks, I’m going to create a series of recommendations that are short, quick and easy to implement, loaded with all of the essential nutrients needed for both healing and prevention (for the caregivers!), and taste great as well. ~~~~~~~~~~ So here’s the first set of guidelines for you to get started with…in time for your next treatment. This way you can avoid those emergency restaurant stops, when you’re so darned hungry, you just grab whatever looks tasty and quick! ~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy… ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Much Love Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™ ~~~~~~~~~~ PS: Don’t forget to leave your comments below, share your own suggestions, and let us know what questions you have that need answers ASAP. ~~~~~~~~~~ PPS: Remember to drop by our dedicated Facebook page, LIKE us, and join in the conversations we have going on, or initiate your own conversation. This page is for all of us to help each other overcome or prevent cancer – and get through the journey with grace, ease and joy! ~~~~~~~~~~ PPPS: Oops, almost forgot to mention our special new Twitter page…Love you to join us there as well! Lots of great tips and research – and success stories –...

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Kick Cancer In The Can® With THE #1 Cancer Fighting Foods!

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 So, What’s THE #1 Cancer Fighting Food(s)? ~~~~~~~~~~ Got cancer yourself? Or maybe someone you dearly love has been dealt this challenging blow… ~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, get your pens and paper ready? This short, to the point, yet comprehensive, video lays it all out! I’ve been saying all of this for years…now you can hear it from someone else as well. The challenge for you is to take action immediately on what you see and hear on this page! ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ In case you need a bit more preliminary information, here’s the link to the landmark study that literally pitted 34 common vegetables against 8 different lines of human cancer cells. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Make sure you head down to the comments section below – and leave your thoughts, concerns, suggestions, or questions. ~~~~~~~~~~ Much Love Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™ ~~~~~~~~~~ PS: And remember to check out our active dedicated Kick Cancer In The Can™ facebook page, LIKE us, and join in the conversations… While you’re at it, Follow us on our dedicated Kick Cancer In The Can™ Twitter page and share your thoughts there as well! Let’s be the change we all want to see in the elimination of cancer once and for...

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The 5 Keys To Kick Cancer In The Can® Today!

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Got Cancer? Feeling Overwhelmed With Uncertainty and Fear? Too Many People Giving You Too Much Advice? And You Just Don’t Know What To Do First? Okay, here’s 5 very quick tips – and see image below for how to get more great tips: 1) Stop worrying right now! I know, that’s often easier said than done. But the fact is that what we focus on expands. Focus on the worry and fear – and you’ll get more to be worried and fearful about. Anyone who has ever overcome an illness thought about only one thing: getting well and staying that way! So ask yourself: “Am I moving towards health – or away from illness?” Moving towards health, means that’s all you’re thinking about – with no time or energy spent on the doubt or fear of not making it. Moving away from illness means that your energy is spent on the fear of the illness and the sense of dragging it along behind you like a heavy weight or burden in your life. 2) When the worry and stress happens – as soon as it starts, stop everything and take a “breather”! A calming breathing pattern is to first exhale all of your air fully through your mouth. And then slowly breathe in through your nose to a count of 4, hold to a count of 2 – 4, and then very slowly exhale through your mouth to a count of 8. Feel all of that worry and stress simply evaporate... 3) Call an optomistic positive friend for support. Be sure it’s someone who understands what you’re going through, and will listen as you complain, whine, rant, or cry, but only fully supports you in shifting gears from dwelling on the dark side of the illness, to embracing the lessons to be learned from this journey. 4) Watch a comedy, whether it’s a funny movie or an old “I Love Lucy” show.Pick the funniest movies and shows possible. Laugh your self silly. Laugh until you pee your pants! Science has proven that laughter may just be the best medicine. I mean think about this for a minute: it’s impossible to be fearful, anxious and worried when you’re laughing uproariously....

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5 Healthy Holiday Tips for Cancer Patients & Caregivers

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5 Quick Tips for Cancer Care Over the Holidays and Beyond… ~~~~~~~~~~ No doubt about it, dealing with cancer is never easy, but especially over the holidays. We all need some quick and easy tips and strategies to help us keep it together – and some inspiration to guide us along the way. Right? ~~~~~~~~~~ Well, I just wanted to share with you 5 top tips that my patients and clients and I have used over the years that really work! And I’ll keep this brief since I realize that everyone is hustling to get things done before the onslaught of family and friends arrive over the next day or so. ~~~~~~~~~~ We’ve all heard the saying about living today as if it’s the last day we have.Well, for many of us who’ve been on the cancer journey, that actually became a reality! At least temporarily until we beat the sucker! So my advice is to stop living by everyone else’s rules and start creating your own. Choose where you want to be, when you want to be there, who you want to be with, and for how long. And if you need to skip a meal or a social gathering because you’re tired and need a nap just do it! If you’re feeling pain, sadness, fear, or even joy, just go ahead and FEEL it! This is your life. Live it your way…Without apology Add some fun and creativity to your life.Take a favorite traditional, high fat, high sugar, holiday recipe, and re-invent it into a healthier leaner version. I have posted my fabulously delicious, trimmed down eggnog recipe on Facebook, so drop on by and print it off – and use it. And then take one recipe you love and make it better – for your health! And of course tasty at the same time! Practice gratitude – for everything! My rule whenever life becomes too hectic and stressful over the holidays is to simply stop everything. And then gaze out the window at the miracles of nature all around us, especially the cloud formations (see the photo to the right), and express gratitude to God and the Universe for providing this beauty for us to behold....

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