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Natural Herbs that Help Prevent Cancer

By on Apr 15, 2016 in Blog, Healing Tools, Total Health Toolkits | 0 comments

Prevention is the best defense against cancer, but many people don’t know that certain foods, herbs and supplements can reduce and help reverse cancer. Although there can be little doubt about natural herbs, research shows that some of them have powerful anti-cancer properties and have no damaging side effects. Actually, many of the chemotherapies used in treating cancer were developed from natural substances. The web-series Kick Cancer in the Can provides beneficial information on the natural herbs that help prevent cancer.   Turmeric Turmeric contains a powerful cancer-fighting substance known as polyphony Curcumin. For many decades, this substance has been the subject of cancer research and clinically shown to stop the growth of certain cancer cells including breast cancer, tumor cells, bone cancer, leukemia, ovarian, and melanoma. It blocks every stage of cancer development and also kills many cancer cells by triggering apoptosis without affecting the normal body cells. Generally, turmeric also builds the body’s immune system, which further benefits those already diagnosed with cancer.   Garlic As far as cancer is concerned, ginger is one of nature’s excellent anti-cancer spices. It lowers the risk of developing all types of cancers including colon, intestinal, stomach, and prostate cancer. Garlic comprises of strong antibacterial properties and blocks the formation and half-activation of cancer-causing substances. The sulfur compounds present in Garlic neutralize carcinogens and also contribute toward tumor shrinkage. If consumed regularly, garlic stops cancer growth, slows cell reproduction, kills cancer cells, and also enhances DNA repair. The World Health Organization advocates that adults should have one clove of fresh garlic every day.   Pepper Different types of pepper contain different substances that play a big role in cancer prevention. For instance, Cayenne pepper is comprised of Capsaicin, an active compound that kills cancer cells. It is also the key ingredient in The Master Cleanse for its detox ability. On the other hand, Black pepper contains piperine, a chemical with powerful antioxidant properties. When consumed together with turmeric, black pepper inhibits the growth of cancer cells....

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