For the Cancer Patient and Survivor, Who Wants to Survive…and Thrive, and for The Caregiver Who Wants to Stay Healthy While Caring for Their Loved One!



“Love this woman and Love her mission!! Check out the one and only Dr Marilyn Joyce and her radio show Kick Cancer in the Can®. If you or anyone you know has ever been diagnosed or suffered from Cancer you must hear what she has to say… Marilyn is a cancer survivor herself and I am proud to call her not only my mentor but my friend. Check it out!

Thanks to your awesome coaching on my health and energy, I now have the energy to move mountains!! ”

~Brittney Kara, Author of The Silent Scandal

“Thanks to your awesome coaching on my health and energy, I now have the energy to move mountains!!”

~Ted McGrath, Founder of Coaching Leadership Academy

“You gave me something when you coached me in Hawaii. It was a life! I spent time in Afgan, Kuwait and Iraq. And I still remember your words to me. Follow your heart. Thank you.”
~Mike, Mentoring Client

“You gave an absolutely OUTSTANDING presentation! You are such a natural and have a way of truly connecting with your audience. YOU were great.”
~Linda Forsythe, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MENTORS magazine.

“My heartfelt thanks to Dr Marilyn for another wonderful presentation. It’s always a delight and an inspiration to listen to
her! I’ve heard Dr Marilyn speaking on multiple occasions, and every time she manages to blow me away with her knowledge and speaking prowess. Just amazing!
Bryan Gleeson, Event Attendee”

~Bryan Gleeson

“I am so grateful for the day that I met you back in September 2002. At that time, I was struggling so much with my health. My mom actually said to me that afternoon “Marian, will I ever see the day when you are well again”?
I replied, “Of course you will” but deep down inside I was dying, as I didn’t know how much longer I could carry on with the pain I was in.
I was in so much pain on the night that I met you that I very nearly left before you started your presentation. I felt I was guided to stay. Thank goodness I did, because this was the beginning of the change for me.
I had spinal surgery in June 2000 and although the mechanics of my back was fixed, the pain and fatigue I had experienced still remained with me. I found sitting, standing and walking very challenging. Most times I lay down on the floor, couch or bed, and even at that, I was in a lot of pain. I wasn’t a wife, a mother, a washer upper, cooker, cleaner or therapist. I had learned how to BE…… We are human beings not human doings!!!!
Though it was not a quick fix, but it was a LONG TERM SOLUTION. I am so grateful to you Marilyn for giving me the information that helped me get back to a STRONGER, better, healthier ME.
Bless you for all you do.”

~Marian Egen, Author of “Heart Art” (references to my work in the book)

“Dr Marilyn, your explanation of how Cancer was not your friend, nor your enemy…it was your teacher, was an ‘AHA’ moment for me. My husband’s stroke was definitely my “teacher”, and I have learned so much and grown so much, and am so grateful. So, it is my decision to stay in gratitude every day, and take those 5 minutes daily that you recommended for journaling in a gratitude journal, for myself, everyday. Thank you so much! ”

~Laurie Poel, Personal Family Caregiver

“Thank you for your Amazing wonderful loving coaching for my friend who was just diagnosed! DR Marilyn you’re a master on kicking cancer in the can and helping those trying to make this transition to wellness and health! So grateful for you!!! Use her services people! Thankyou, Thankyou, She is feeling great! ”

~Aleta Camille Pagnini Speier, Event Planner

“The way you create peace with your shows is incredible. Your shows are inspirational and full of depth and vital/useful life saving information, which should be implemented upon immediately. You’re an inspiration to us all Dr Marilyn! And you have a beautiful soul… YOU Rock!!! ”

~Christopher Warren

“If it were not for the outstanding program and counsel of Dr Marilyn, I do not think I would have survived. She is a life-saver! I highly recommend her programs and services because she really delivers more than money can buy.”

~Jenny Redding, Language Professor, California

“Working with Dr. Marilyn has taught me how to be joyous as I walk my journey. I have always found that what she says is very impactful because it is from her heart, it is real, and it is from her experience. The program felt like it was totally customized to me. I felt personally seen. I always felt heard. I felt that I have someone in my corner. She is so full of compassion. She is not just doing a job. Most people wait until they have a serious illness to seek help. It is so unfortunate because we have people like Dr. Marilyn who are there to help us prevent disease in the first place. But for those who already have health challenges, Dr. Marilyn’s “Kick Cancer in the Can® Total Health Toolkit” should be the first investment they make.”
~Judy Cole, Teacher, California