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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality

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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality Cancer treatment can have a huge impact on the body. It all depends on the type of treatment. Also cancer patients respond differently to chemotherapy due to the varying physiological profiles of the patients. After the treatment, restoration procedures are necessary. The body does not always regain its vitality immediately. The body can experience a range of problems ranging from immune system problems, nerve damage, irregular bowel movements, gut inflammation,  amongst other issues. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure the body regains its vitality. Nutritional Deficiencies Cancer survivors are likely to experience nutritional deficiencies after their treatment. Certain treatments can lead to a depletion of vital nutrients in the body. This can have a huge impact on your long term health. The first step may involve evaluating which nutrients have been depleted from the body as a result of cancer treatment. Then nutrients may be fed into the body through IV therapy. This type of therapy helps to deliver nutrients directly to the blood stream. IV therapy is necessary because the digestive system may not efficiently deliver the nutrients needed. Addressing Inflammation Inflammation can cause cancer and other diseases in the body. Inflammation in the gut is one of the common problems facing recovering cancer patients. You may need to be evaluated from other issues related to your gut. This includes bowel irregularities and lack of appetite. Importance of Mentorship Cancer survivors go through a lot of emotions during the period when they have cancer and when they recover. Many survivors can testify to the fact that they benefited a lot from talking to someone who had gone through the same experience. Regaining vitality involves your whole being, physical, mental, and spiritual. A holistic approach to recovery helps to ensure you live a more fulfilling life....

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A Way Out for Those Struggling With Cancer

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Cancer has always been a horrible nightmare for those unfortunate enough to have to deal with it. You may have received a cancer diagnosis or it probably affected your loved one. The situation usually gets worse when you reach what seems to be the last hope, when you require cancer treatments that are expensive, complicated, time consuming, challenging to follow through with and very hard to implement. It is at this point that cancer patients get fatigued, anxious and start to be afraid.   Such desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is the time to take complete charge of your health and fight this cancer. You need a good strategy to rid you from the negative slump, something quick but simple that will assist you in getting re-energized, rebalanced, and refocused. Well, the comprehensive Kick Cancer In the Can program is what will help you.   The program consists of health toolkits that include an online home study and three one on one personalized cancer care mentoring programs. The Kick Cancer In the Can program has strategies that can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone. These health toolkits are definitely the required programs that you will need to restore yourself back to your healthiest possible state quickly, easily and with little effort.   Doctor Marilyn Joyce, also known to many as the ‘vitality doctor’, is a five time cancer survivor and has been well for 25 years now. She is also the founder of Vibrant Health Academy Unlimited and the CEO of the comprehensive Kick Cancer in the Can program. This is the program that saved her life and has saved the lives of many since its beginning. So why not give it a try? Be a part of the Kick Cancer In the Can program and experience a much healthier life.  ...

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Even Cancer Patients & Caregivers Need To Have Holiday Fun!

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The Holidays Are Meant To Be Fun For Everyone! So How Do We Protect Our Health At The Same Time? REPLAY of the Complimentary Webinar Provided on Saturday Dec 8th How To Survive The Holidays Without Gaining a Pound! And Have Fun Too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Holiday Season can be stressful enough without the added challenge of dealing with cancer – or caregiving for a loved one with cancer. Apart from the ongoing flurry of extra holiday activities, social and community events, family gatherings, and shopping and cooking specifically for the holidays, there is the added stress of the non-stop hustle and bustle of traffic, both within our homes and out there on the roads and in the stores. Whew! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers, this season can certainly takes its toll on our already compromised immune systems if we’re not prepared. So although this webinar is entitled: How to Survive the Holidays Without Gaining a Pound! And Have Fun Too!”, the information provided is absolutely pertinent to anyone on a cancer journey, whether as a patient, a survivor, or a caregiver. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this content-rich – and fun – webinar you will get everything you need to: Avoid holiday weight gain so as not to destroy the results of all of this past year’s weight loss and/or maintenance efforts Prevent those darned colds and flu bugs from taking hold so that you can fully enjoy every moment of holiday fun Protect your immune system against the bombardment of stress so that you can kick that cancer in the can! Defeat the holiday blues, so that you can enjoy all of the festivities in a light-hearted and fun-filled way as well as be great company for your friends and family Ramp up your energy so you can get everything done that needs to get done, and you still have lots of energy leftover for fun Maintain more peace and calm in your life so that you feel rested, rejuvenated and full of energy everyday And have a ton of fun in the process because (apart from contemplation and sharing in community activities to make a difference) having fun is one of the most important aspects of the...

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