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3 Ways That Can Help You To Mentally Cope With Cancer While Going Through Treatment

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Cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy and radiation is not a walk in the park. It is brutal and requires you to be mentally tough, otherwise it will break you mentally and physically in the end. You might think that being diagnosed with cancer is the hard and devastating part until you have to start cancer treatment. There are a number of things that you can do to help yourself or someone you know who is a cancer patient to pick up their fighting gloves and kick cancer’s butt by mentally coping with cancer treatment Los Angeles, CA.   Be in the present One of the best ways to mentally cope with cancer while undergoing treatment is to trick your mind into being in the present tense the here and now. If you can do this you will realize that you are putting more effort without necessarily counting down the clock to your last minute. You should try and stay focused in the task at hand which is going through the treatment.   Choose happiness Happiness is a choice not only for cancer patients but for all human beings in general. Happiness can elevate you such heights that cancer won’t have a changed against. When going through cancer treatment attitude is what makes the most difference. Yes, the treatment is difficult, but with a positive attitude you won’t give up even when it’s too hard to bear.   Be open to the love and support of others You have decided to be in the present, you have a positive attitude that could move mountains now you need love because love conquers all. When you have a strong support system do not turn them down or feel like you’re a burden. Embrace the support as this will encourage you to pull through because you have a lot to live for. Battling with cancer requires a great deal of mental strength and positivity because you can beat cancer. Take charge of your life and get a health and energy coach from Kick Cancer In The Can to help you deal with the hardships....

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Dr. Marilyn Joyce

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Try to think about a person who isn’t related or doesn’t have a friend who has had cancer. It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t have a close connection to this disease. With its presence more abundant than ever, cancer has become the main study of hundreds of projects and research investigations where each day more and more scientifics try to find a cure. This doesn’t only apply to the science community. A lot of alternate medicine specialists are also working on their own therapies and some of them offer very good options for people who are sick with cancer. Dr. Marilyn Joyce, also known as the Vitality Doctor, is a woman who has developed a series of five minute exercises designed to help you regain energy. These exercises are designed for anyone, not just cancer patients. They can be used by caregivers, family members, friends, and basically anyone else. She is a cancer survivor and knows better than anyone what it’s like. In her books, she talks about the spin her life gave once she committed herself to getting better and now she wants to offer this experience and the knowledge gained from it with anyone who is looking to feel better. She has worked with recognized health experts from around the globe and offers seminars and trainings in an international ambit. There is a wide group of people who testify for her and talk openly about how Dr. Joyce’s methods have helped them turn their lives around. Sometimes all it takes is being open to this kind of alternate options in order to soak in information and inspiration needed to make a real change in your life. Check out her webpage to find out more about her book and read some of the testimonials available from people she has...

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How to Deal with Cancer

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How to Deal with Cancer   Cancer is a life-changing disorder that can truly be devastating physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. If you or a loved one happens to be caught in this tight spot, here are some tips from cancer survivors themselves about how to deal and cope with this often sneaky illness.   Acceptance   Accept it for what it is. There is no use denying that you have it. The earlier you come to grips with your actual situation and the earlier you receive the necessary treatment, the higher your chances of conquering cancer and surviving.   Ask everything you wish to know from your oncologist. Furthermore, do extra research on the particular type of cancer you are afflicted with. Read and absorb any written material relating to your cancer, from medical journals, to alternative or supplementary approaches, and to survivor stories. Truly, knowledge is power. The more you know about your condition, the less futile and the more empowered you will feel.   Connection   As long there is life, there’s always hope. Aside from your family, you may also want to be a part of a support group. Relate with other cancer patients and survivors, and you will feel that you are not alone. Empathy is always more helpful than sympathy. It’s easier to talk to and confide in a person who has experienced or is experiencing firsthand what you’re going through, than to someone who is basically clueless.   Never Bottle Up Your Emotions   It’s only normal to feel down as you deal with the draining after-effects of anti-cancer medication. All you can actually do is find a healthy outlet for such negative emotions. Whether it is bonsai, music, drawing or painting, just try to do what you love and enjoy most. Suppressing your feelings can actually make your body weaker. Try talking to a friend or keeping a journal. Meditation is also a great way to manage all the physical, mental and emotional stress.   You might also want to visit Kick Cancer in the Can, whose pioneer is a cancer fighter and survivor.  ...

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How to Handle Cancer Emotionally

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Cancer affects people differently which is why every unique way of handling the illness emotionally varies depending on the patient. Truth be told, the worst kind of medical diagnosis is one that ends with the words you have cancer. So how can Kick Cancer in the Can effectively assist you in order to reduce the emotional stress that accompanies cancer illness? It is okay to cry: Research has established that crying is effective particularly when a person is under immense stress. From a psychological perspective, crying helps one cope with intense feelings but it necessarily doesn’t have to be in an unpleasant situation. Cancer diagnosis is not the kind of news that an average person can accommodate emotionally. Join a support group: People are better placed to handle emotional issues when in a group. In fact, joining a support group is probably the best way of dealing with cancer emotionally. Within the support group, people share real life stories and better still offer practical solutions that could help deal with the symptoms. Remember, cherish your connections and just remember that you are not alone. Ask for help: When diagnosed with cancer, most people are aware that their lives could change in the long-run including the thought of eventual death. This explains why someone would prefer remaining silent about the illness but such a move could be counterproductive. While cancer patients might be avoiding being judged, there are people that genuinely care about them such as family and close friends. While it is obvious that emotional distress could be overwhelming for people living with cancer, the key to overcoming negative thoughts is through constructive and positive thinking. Do things that distract you including your hobbies meaning that you need to give yourself some time whenever an opportunity arises. In the long run, you will discover that it is indeed possible to kick cancer in the...

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Staying Positive       

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Cancer is a disease that has turned into the major cause of death in a large number of countries in the world. Aside from car accidents, it is the leader in young people’s deaths. This disease has found its way into the life of pretty much everyone, whether by attacking a friend or a family member, or even a work colleague, it seems to be everywhere. It is more common than ever to hear that yet another person has fallen ill to this terrible disease. The thing is that, we need to start finding ways to battle it other than the traditional medical procedures such as surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The recovery of a person depends as much on the emotional side as on the medical side, and although it’s not something most of us are used to, it is something extremely important. Kick Cancer in the Can is a program created by a 5-time cancer survivor who understood this and wanted to help people get through the disease. With a Total Health Toolkit, they urge people to explore this other side of the disease. Kick Cancer in the Can also offers a number of treatments aimed at different kinds of cases such as emergency treatment, critical care treatment and intensive treatment. They also offer a diagnostic consultation, where you or your loved one living with cancer can ask any questions about your body, your life and have someone help you deal with the worry, fear and anxiety you are feeling. They can also help you deal with stress and the uncertainty that comes with this disease.  Once the consultation is over, you will receive a 5-point checklist with recommendations of steps you should take considering the consultation. This will help you get on the right path back into health. Check out their webpage to find out more....

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Fight Off Cancer with the Help of a Health and Energy Coach

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Cancer is indeed a serious health issue. It does not only take away your time, energy and resources but can also affect and take a toll on your family and social relationships. Cancer does not only affect cancer patients and survivors, but also people who are caring for them personally or professionally. With this, there is an increasing need for a health and energy coach that can help and guide people in their fight against cancer. Have a program customized for your health and wellness needs Whether you are fighting off to overcome cancer, someone who survived it and simply wants to prevent its recurrence, or someone who just wants to lower the risk of having it, a health and energy coach can design Easy-to-Do Cancer Mentoring Program that will end your struggle with cancer. It includes customized nutrition and lifestyle program especially tailored for you. Have a guiding light in your journey to a cancer-free and healthy life A health and energy coach can give you advice on how to create certain health guidelines, which can help you identify and avoid cancer-causing agents in your environment; choose the right supplements; and avoid food and drug interactions.  With this, you can have a healthier and safer environment and lifestyle. Have an inspiration to help you through your fight Having someone who knows and understands what you are going through is a big help in fighting off cancer from your life. A health and energy coach, who has succeeded in fighting off cancer and lives a cancer-free life for years, can give great inspiration and motivation to help you fight and take back your health and life again. Need a health and energy coach? Contact Kick Cancer in the Can, they can tailor an Easy-to-Do Cancer Care Mentoring Program for...

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