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Cancer Care Mentoring Can Be Very Helpful, Says Dr. Marilyn Joyce

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Mentorship is popularly defined as a relationship between two individuals who share a desire for development. A mentor is someone who is wiser, who has walked down the road of cancer care whether it is emergency, critical or intensive. Choosing a mentor is itself a big task. When making the decision for cancer care mentoring in Los Angeles, CA, one of the biggest factors to consider is trust. There must be mutual trust between the cancer care mentee and the cancer care mentor. Clarity One of the benefits of cancer care mentoring is clarity. Through a methodical engagement with the mentor, the mentee will understand the purpose of the cancer treatment and care exercise. The mentee will understand the details, the possible end result and will learn to anticipate and accept the final outcome of the cancer treatment and care process. Wider network By engaging the mentor and other mentees, the mentee becomes a member of a whole new circle of well meaning friends. Cancer care mentoring is built on the foundation of knowledge exchange and openness. Knowing more people who are battling a similar medical condition like cancer, listening to how they are working towards victory, is not only relieving but it also eliminates the feeling of alienation that some cancer patients are known to impose on themselves. Cancer care mentoring pulls you from that cowering position behind a wall and into the world. It is the nicest thing. Access to newer resources Most journeys have stopovers, especially if the journeys are undertaken over a long distance. Cancer care mentors have travelled over long distances and their experience has exposed them, in one way or another, to a whole world of cancer care tips. These resources are at an arm’s length of the mentee. There are a lot more benefits of cancer care mentoring. To all cancer patients undergoing treatment and care at Kick Cancer in the Can, Dr. Marilyn Joyce strongly advocates for Cancer care...

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Stress Management for Cancer Patients and Survivors

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A cancer diagnosis can cause a lot of emotional distress that can lead to anxiety or depression. The life of a cancer patient may seem to change significantly in a short period of time. The changes that are happening in the body may affect his or her self esteem. Work life may be disrupted, and may cause frustrations amongst friends and family which may distress the cancer patient further. Support from Family and Friends Social support is important in keeping stress and depression at bay. When there are people to talk to and interact emotional distress is minimized. Friends and family can also help the patient to take practical steps to overcome new challenges that will help improve quality of life. Destructive Behavior It is important to deal with depression and stress at its onset. Sometimes depression may seem like a normal part of the problem that the cancer survivor has to go through. However, it can lead to destructive habits that can worsen the situation. Alcohol and substance abuse may become a problem, as the patient seeks to either deal with the distress, or self medicate to cope with painful symptoms of the disease. Stress Management There aren’t many studies that have exhaustively explored the subject of the importance of stress management for cancer survivors. However, a few studies show that it can help to reduce the rate of growth of tumors. The results of the study indicate that stress hormones such as norepinephrine can promote tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, are undergoing treatment, or you are a survivor, it is wise to consider an intensive mentorship program. Through the intensive mentorship program, those struggling to overcome cancer can learn strategies that will help them cope with the symptoms, as well as the emotional distress triggered by the...

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Fighting the psychological aspects of cancer is akin to winning the battle

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Cancer is a very dangerous disease. It is capable of harming the individual physically as well as mentally. It can cause untold agony on the family members and the loved ones of the afflicted person. The secret of dealing with cancer is to attack the psychological aspect of the disease. You cannot find a better person than Dr. Marilyn Joyce to help you in the matter. She has the best credentials to speak on this subject. This is because she is a cancer survivor herself. She is gracious enough to share her experiences in combating the dreaded disease with other afflicted people. To achieve this dream, she has created a unique online home study program, Kick Cancer in the Can. Following this program has helped her to overcome cancer not once, but five times over two and a half decades ago. She believes that if this program could work for her, it could work for anybody. This program aims at conditioning the patient into accepting the fact that he or she has the dreaded disease. No amount of wishing away could erase this fact. This acceptance of the problem is the first step towards finding a possible solution to the issue. Cancer can bring with it a lot of stress and anxiety. It requires a concerted effort from the body and the mind to fight the disease. This program prepares you for the long haul ahead. Following the principles and tips provided in this program, one could develop the mental strength to fight the disease. That is more than winning half the battle. The regular medicines could take care of the remaining aspect. She has designed this program in a unique way. It aims at bringing you out of the negative slump and helps to re-balance your life. Going through the entire program can re-energize you and help you focus on the main issues. This program can lead you on the recovery path and bring the joy back in your...

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Do complementary therapies make a difference in your life while suffering from cancer?

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Complementary therapies such as meditation, art therapy, acupuncture, and reflexology can make you feel better even through the toughest times. Isn’t it a good idea to receive therapy from a specialist who has thrived through the path you are walking on?? When you, a friend, or a close loved one is facing the trauma of this disease, a complimentary therapist will not only listen to your fears, but also provide you care that may help you regain your positive energy to fight with your situation and get back your control over feelings of fear. At Kick Cancer in the Can we educate cancer patients and care givers to see a big picture of the disease and encourage them to see both sides of the picture. It is obvious to say, and proved with various patient-care treatments, that relying on conventional medical procedures might not be sufficient for the recovery of Cancer. Keeping this idea in mind we have designed our personalized Cancer Care mentoring programs, i.e. 30-Day VIP Emergency Care, 90-Day VIP Critical Care and 180-Day VIP Intensive Care. By joining any of these programs from the one who was once at your place, you will be able to learn how to cope with that situation and to not only survive but thrive…. After receiving the help from these complementary therapies, you will be able to: Sleep better and sessions will reduce your mental restlessness. It will dramatically decrease your anxiety, tension, and feeling of stress. It will help you to enhance the quality of your life through giving you a positive attitude towards life. If you are encountering side effects of the Cancer Treatment, complementary therapies can also help you dealing with those after...

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Kick Cancer in the Can: A tool to help you combat cancer

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Cancer, the very name can send the shivers down the spine of everyone. However, do you know that cancer is curable? There are instances of people leading normal lives today after suffering from the ‘dreaded C’ in the past. One such person is Dr. Marilyn Joyce. The toolkit: Conquering cancer is a great achievement on its own. Helping others to do so is a nobler effort. Dr. Marilyn Joyce understands the trauma a cancer patient goes through in life. She has an idea about the difficulties cancer patients and their loved ones face. This makes her come up with an inspirational ‘cancer care’ mentoring program, “Kick Cancer in the Can.” This health toolkit can play a great role in helping you keep up good health and more importantly help you in combating the dreaded disease. You can follow the steps laid down in this online program from the comforts of your home. The Psychological aspects: Cancer is as much a mental problem as it is a physical one. Therefore, treating the psychological aspects of cancer is an important task. This health toolkit takes care of this aspect as well. This program helps you to develop the sense of positivity that can transform your emotional well-being. She speaks with a sense of authority because she has taken the help of these programs to get rid of cancer, not once but five times. This program has benefited many people since then. This toolkit gives you vital information about the other treatments for cancer such as the Concierge Treatment, Emergency Treatment, Intensive Treatment, and the Critical Care Treatment. You need someone to mentor you when you undergo cancer treatment. Marilyn Joyce learned things the hard way. She wants others to gain from her experience. This toolkit is a sincere attempt in this regard. Therefore, use this toolkit and ‘Kick the Cancer in the Can’.  ...

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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality

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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality Cancer treatment can have a huge impact on the body. It all depends on the type of treatment. Also cancer patients respond differently to chemotherapy due to the varying physiological profiles of the patients. After the treatment, restoration procedures are necessary. The body does not always regain its vitality immediately. The body can experience a range of problems ranging from immune system problems, nerve damage, irregular bowel movements, gut inflammation,  amongst other issues. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure the body regains its vitality. Nutritional Deficiencies Cancer survivors are likely to experience nutritional deficiencies after their treatment. Certain treatments can lead to a depletion of vital nutrients in the body. This can have a huge impact on your long term health. The first step may involve evaluating which nutrients have been depleted from the body as a result of cancer treatment. Then nutrients may be fed into the body through IV therapy. This type of therapy helps to deliver nutrients directly to the blood stream. IV therapy is necessary because the digestive system may not efficiently deliver the nutrients needed. Addressing Inflammation Inflammation can cause cancer and other diseases in the body. Inflammation in the gut is one of the common problems facing recovering cancer patients. You may need to be evaluated from other issues related to your gut. This includes bowel irregularities and lack of appetite. Importance of Mentorship Cancer survivors go through a lot of emotions during the period when they have cancer and when they recover. Many survivors can testify to the fact that they benefited a lot from talking to someone who had gone through the same experience. Regaining vitality involves your whole being, physical, mental, and spiritual. A holistic approach to recovery helps to ensure you live a more fulfilling life....

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