For the Cancer Patient and Survivor, Who Wants to Survive…and Thrive, and for The Caregiver Who Wants to Stay Healthy While Caring for Their Loved One!


Dr. Marilyn Joyce

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Try to think about a person who isn’t related or doesn’t have a friend who has had cancer. It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t have a close connection to this disease. With its presence more abundant than ever, cancer has become the main study of hundreds of projects and research investigations where each day more and more scientifics try to find a cure.

This doesn’t only apply to the science community. A lot of alternate medicine specialists are also working on their own therapies and some of them offer very good options for people who are sick with cancer. Dr. Marilyn Joyce, also known as the Vitality Doctor, is a woman who has developed a series of five minute exercises designed to help you regain energy.

These exercises are designed for anyone, not just cancer patients. They can be used by caregivers, family members, friends, and basically anyone else. She is a cancer survivor and knows better than anyone what it’s like. In her books, she talks about the spin her life gave once she committed herself to getting better and now she wants to offer this experience and the knowledge gained from it with anyone who is looking to feel better.

She has worked with recognized health experts from around the globe and offers seminars and trainings in an international ambit. There is a wide group of people who testify for her and talk openly about how Dr. Joyce’s methods have helped them turn their lives around.

Sometimes all it takes is being open to this kind of alternate options in order to soak in information and inspiration needed to make a real change in your life. Check out her webpage to find out more about her book and read some of the testimonials available from people she has helped.

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