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Cancer Care Mentoring Can Be Very Helpful, Says Dr. Marilyn Joyce

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Mentorship is popularly defined as a relationship between two individuals who share a desire for development. A mentor is someone who is wiser, who has walked down the road of cancer care whether it is emergency, critical or intensive. Choosing a mentor is itself a big task. When making the decision for cancer care mentoring in Los Angeles, CA, one of the biggest factors to consider is trust. There must be mutual trust between the cancer care mentee and the cancer care mentor.


One of the benefits of cancer care mentoring is clarity. Through a methodical engagement with the mentor, the mentee will understand the purpose of the cancer treatment and care exercise. The mentee will understand the details, the possible end result and will learn to anticipate and accept the final outcome of the cancer treatment and care process.

Wider network

By engaging the mentor and other mentees, the mentee becomes a member of a whole new circle of well meaning friends. Cancer care mentoring is built on the foundation of knowledge exchange and openness. Knowing more people who are battling a similar medical condition like cancer, listening to how they are working towards victory, is not only relieving but it also eliminates the feeling of alienation that some cancer patients are known to impose on themselves. Cancer care mentoring pulls you from that cowering position behind a wall and into the world. It is the nicest thing.

Access to newer resources

Most journeys have stopovers, especially if the journeys are undertaken over a long distance. Cancer care mentors have travelled over long distances and their experience has exposed them, in one way or another, to a whole world of cancer care tips. These resources are at an arm’s length of the mentee.

There are a lot more benefits of cancer care mentoring. To all cancer patients undergoing treatment and care at Kick Cancer in the Can, Dr. Marilyn Joyce strongly advocates for Cancer care Mentoring.

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