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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality

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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality Cancer treatment can have a huge impact on the body. It all depends on the type of treatment. Also cancer patients respond differently to chemotherapy due to the varying physiological profiles of the patients. After the treatment, restoration procedures are necessary. The body does not always regain its vitality...

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A Way Out for Those Struggling With Cancer

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Cancer has always been a horrible nightmare for those unfortunate enough to have to deal with it. You may have received a cancer diagnosis or it probably affected your loved one. The situation usually gets worse when you reach what seems to be the last hope, when you require cancer treatments that are expensive, complicated, time consuming, challenging to follow...

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Two Causes of Cancer That You Are Dealing With Every Day

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The number of cancer victims and death rates are soaring every year. It is as if health professionals are doing thousands of procedures to rid cancer, but we notice that there isn’t any improvement in the statistics. We all know that too much exposure to sun, cigarette smoking, alcohol, GMO food, certain chemicals and pesticides are causing cancer. But there are...

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Take Care of Your Cancer with the Kick Cancer in the Can Health Toolkit

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Kick Cancer in the Can is a comprehensive and an exclusive online home study program consisting of a total of three one-to-one and in-depth cancer care mentoring programs. Dr. Marilyn Joyce is the creator of this unique and total health toolkit where she shares great strategies and systems for the people suffering from cancer. Being a five time cancer survivor...

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