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Two Causes of Cancer That You Are Dealing With Every Day

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The number of cancer victims and death rates are soaring every year. It is as if health professionals are doing thousands of procedures to rid cancer, but we notice that there isn’t any improvement in the statistics. We all know that too much exposure to sun, cigarette smoking, alcohol, GMO food, certain chemicals and pesticides are causing cancer. But there are still a lot of other things that we do on a daily basis that invites cancer into our body.

Using mobile devices and appliances that emit radiation

Microwave oven, hair dryers, electric stove rings, and cellphones emit hazardous Electromotive force (EMF) that causes cancer. Especially when used every day, your chances of being diagnosed with cancer in the near future is very high. In fact, even when you are not using cellphone, this disease will still have no mercy in poisoning your body. Placing your cellphone underneath your pillow when you sleep or wearing them inside your pocket during the day can still make you ill with cancer.

Electromagnetic radiation give off invisible pollution that piles up overtime making you more susceptible to getting the big C.

Stressing yourself over so many things

Work, financial, emotional, and physical problems are all stressors that are fueling cancer to get into your system. When you have anxiety, you are activating ATF3, which when triggered is causing normal cells to lose immune system and eventually commit suicide. Activating ATF3 helps cancer cells spread in your body, sends signal to immune cells which makes cells misbehave. And when they misbehave, they feed the tumor enabling it to grow. All of these are all triggered by almost any type of stressor.

Although cancer is just lurking everywhere, trying to get inside our system, there are so many things that you can do to prevent cancer from  invading your property, like what Kick Cancer in a Can does—a program that teaches people how to bring back the normal, healthy condition of the body in the most natural way, including kicking cancer.

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