For the Cancer Patient and Survivor, Who Wants to Survive…and Thrive, and for The Caregiver Who Wants to Stay Healthy While Caring for Their Loved One!


Take Care of Your Cancer with the Kick Cancer in the Can Health Toolkit

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Kick Cancer in the Can is a comprehensive and an exclusive online home study program consisting of a total of three one-to-one and in-depth cancer care mentoring programs. Dr. Marilyn Joyce is the creator of this unique and total health toolkit where she shares great strategies and systems for the people suffering from cancer. Being a five time cancer survivor during the 1980s, at present Dr. Marilyn is a specialist in crisis and stress management. She is called The Vitality Doctor by clients and patients. She is the master of the 5-minute healthy plan that every individual can practice anywhere and at any time.

About the Program

Kick Cancer in the Can Total Health Tool kits are the only and ultimate programs ever needed for creating the healthiest lifestyles. It is a program that saved Marilyn’s life 25-years ago and since then it has been saving thousands of lives. It is a program for the one who has this strong desire to thrive and not just survive cancer. This is a magnificent program consisting of over 12-hours of recorded easy, effective and practical strategies, systems, and ideas on comprehensive Action Guides, mp3 Transcripts of MP3s and various other bonuses. The program consists of all those things that a cancer caregiver or a cancer survivor or anyone else might need for preventing cancer.

The Comprehensive Sections of the Program

The Kick Cancer in the Can program has been divided into six sections. Section I has been named Wheelchair to the Podium: An Inspiring Cancer Story. It highlights Dr. Joyce’s journey back to vitality and health along with the facts and the myths in relation to cancer. Section II is called The 5 Universal Keys to Unlimited Energy and Vitality stating the importance of total health. Section III has been named Understanding Dis-Ease, Disease and How to Nip It in the Bud. This section defines health in accordance to disease and dis-ease. Reclaim your Inner Terrain is Section IV consisting of easy and quick health strategies for the mind and the body. Then there is Section V titled The Power of Your Thoughts, Your Words, Your Emotions- On Your Results and Section VI which says Get Rid of Ideas and Perceptions About Life and Yourself That Keep You Sick and Tired.

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