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How You Can Help a Family Facing Childhood Cancer

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How You Can Help a Family Facing Childhood Cancer Cancer is one of the most debilitating diseases out there. It is difficult to watch anybody have cancer and go through cancer treatments, but it is especially hard when it is a child. Children have their entire lives to live, so when you see them struggling with cancer, or being resilient in the face of it, it does something to your heart. There are so many organizations and places you can reach out to where you can support the fight against cancer. Below you are some practical tips that will help you to support a family with a child suffering from cancer, or if you know a child who is suffering from the illness. A Smile As simple as this may seem, it is a very hard task for the families and the loved ones of those dealing with childhood cancer. The family is already going through a hard time, and bringing your sadness and negativity doesn’t help. A smile gives comfort even in the most uncomfortable of situations. Just Do It Instead of asking the family if there is something you can do, just do it. If they need something at their home while they are tending to their child, like cutting the lawn, do it. If the family has other children, offer to watch them for a day or weekend. Ask the child what their favorite things are and bring them. Don’t leave the ball in the family’s court. Just do what you think can help them. Don’t Forget About Later It is a person’s natural inclination to help when a child is first diagnosed, but some children are in the hospital for months and some even years. The family may have all they need now but need some type of support later. If the family doesn’t take what you are offering in the beginning, offer it again later down the line. There are so many more things you can do to support a family who is affected by childhood cancer. If you just go with the mantra “give”, you will be on the right...

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No Better Time To Address Cancer

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No Better Time To Address Cancer Cancer is no longer a stranger today. According to World Health Organization, the disease was responsible for 8.8 million deaths in 2015, all over the world. Every year, new cases of cancer are diagnosed, with the most common being lung, liver and stomach cancers. It’s safe to say that this disease is now a global cause for concern. Kick Cancer In The Can Having cancer does not signify the end of the road. People live productive and full lives, even after they have gone through chemo. What do you do after the diagnosis? Naturally, there is the disillusionment. When the phase passes, you will have a stronger resolve to survive. That is where you will need a personal diagnostic consultation and who better to give that to you than a cancer survivor? Dr. Marilyn Joyce, popularly known as The Vitality Doctor is a cancer survivor. For over 30 years, she has used her means and methods to fight the disease and discover even more meaning to her life. She has worked with several renowned organization, passing on the wisdom and equipping survivors as well as caregivers. The ‘Kick Cancer In The Can’ Package One of the things that will determine the quality of a cancer survivor’s life is the nutrition. This program will involve an extensive nutrition guide that if followed keenly will lead to a better, healthier you. But before that, you will get a thorough session that will answer all your questions, with the diagnosis and analysis being recorded for your future reference. Part of the advice during this session will include things to avoid in your daily interactions. You will also get a full review of supplements to avoid and those to use, as well as the possible interactions with medication. The information in this program is tailored to cater to individual needs, and so it will be thorough and informative. Times have changed. Technology and medical interventions have made it possible to live productively even after a life-changing diagnosis. Together we can and will Kick Cancer In The...

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Ways for Family to Deal with Cancer

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Ways for Family to Deal with Cancer When a person is diagnosed with cancer it doesn’t just affect the person who is suffering from the disease, it also affects the entire family. The spouse, children, parents, friends, and loved ones are all impacted by the diagnoses. There is a vast amount of information on cancer and what to do, and how to maintain when you have cancer; where to go and what to do next. There is not as much information on how the family can cope with this major change in their lives. These are some things friends and family can do to deal with their family member’s illness while supporting them through this difficult time. Take Care of Yourself As a family member or friend of a person who is suffering from cancer is can be stressful, and they can forget to take care of themselves. It is important to remember that you have to keep yourself strong for the time when your loved one feels weak. Try your best to remain positive, exercise or begin to exercise regularly to combat stress, accept there are things that are out of your control, state your beliefs instead of becoming angry, and consider joining a support group so you don’t feel so alone in your experiences. Be Open and Honest Being open to asking questions, receiving and hearing information about your loved one and their illness will help you through this process. If you are with your loved one and they don’t mind, ask the doctor questions about their condition, the medications, and the changes behavior or mood. This is going to be a difficult time for the person with cancer so try to prepare yourself, be realistic about your needs and the needs of your loved one, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Asking for help could be exactly what you and your loved one need to get through the...

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Exceptional Cancer Treatment Services and Programs Offered by Kick Cancer In The Can

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Exceptional Cancer Treatment Services and Programs Offered by Kick Cancer In The Can Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world diagnosed in the bodies of thousands of people in the world. Due to the increase of cancer cases globally, life expectancy rates of residents with the illness is low. However, when detected at its early stages, it is possible to kill the cancerous cells and eliminate it completely. It is the reason why numerous victims are living with the illness, but they are healthy and able to perform their daily activities efficiently. However, professional cancer treatment services require experts and experienced medical practitioners. Kick Cancer In The Can is a renowned health center that provides world-class cancer treatment services. Unlike other healthcare centers, Kick Cancer In The Can has compassionate staff members and offers thousands of solutions at pocket-friendly prices. Below are the programs that they offer and the reasons why you should always consider them. Cancer Concierge Treatment Professionals at the Kick Cancer In The Can performs extensive cancer treatment procedures to their many patients. One of the reasons that should make you consider them is that they provide helpful counseling tips to individuals detected with cancer, which assists them in the healing process. They have modern equipment to deal with cancer and other illnesses extensively. Critical Care Treatment If one of your loved ones becomes critically ill, Kick Cancer In The Can is the best place for him or her to receive critical care treatment programs and services. The patient will get a comprehensive evaluation of the body condition and VIP cancer treatment and mentoring services. Emergency Treatment The emergency treatment program will enable you to view the cancer treatment procedures in a more advanced manner. If you enroll in this program, you will get several counseling tips, tools and strategies to handle cancer and other diseases efficiently. Intensive Care Treatment Lastly, you can also enroll into the intensive care treatment program at the Kick Cancer In The Can. It is a money-back-guarantee program that always exceeds your health care expectations. After enrolling in this program, you will enjoy VIP cancer treatment services at affordable...

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Why You Need A Personal Diagnostic Consultation with Dr. Marilyn

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Why You Need A Personal Diagnostic Consultation with Dr. Marilyn Marilyn is a cancer survivor five times over, which means she knows a thing or two about what it takes to battle this disease. She has been going strong as a cancer survivor for over 26 years and wants to help you succeed in your battle with cancer as well. Her experience includes being a past Director of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well. Over the past 40 years, she has helped a great number of not only cancer patients, but caregivers and survivors as well as medical professionals, explore what it takes to conquer cancer. If you fall into one of the categories of people above, you can greatly benefit from a diagnostic consultation with Dr. Marilyn. Here is what you need to know. Create a Healthier Lifestyle Your consultation with Dr. Marilyn will include a customizable nutrition and lifestyle program and that specifically tailored with you in mind. Dr. Marilyn will help you learn how to eat better, exercise, and gain more energy in order to fight your battle. Dr. Marilyn is knowledgeable in the foods and drugs that are harmful to your body during this time, as well as the foods and supplements that will help make your body stronger. She will help you gain control of your body from the inside out in order to be strong and energetic for what is to come. Get Sound Advice and Encouragement to Succeed Dr. Marilyn is the best encourager! She is there to answer any of your questions and give you sound advice on supplements to take, what works and what doesn’t, and just what to expect overall on your journey. She is the author of several books on how to get more energy and she will encourage you to carry on in more ways than you can imagine. Dr. Marilyn can truly help you change your life and your mindset so that you can be healthier both physically and mentally, helping you to relieve stress and anxiety that you are experiencing. If you are ready to kick cancer in the can, call no to get started with your diagnostic...

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How to Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of mankind. Once you acquire it, there’s no turning back. That is why it is imperative to keep our body fit and healthy, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Most cancers are basically lifestyle related and a small fraction is due to genetics. Sure there are also people who are born with the illness but this is just a small percentage of the population. According to research published in NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) “Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90–95% has their roots in the environment and lifestyle”. So what does this mean? It means that the way we live our lives contribute largely for us getting down with cancer in the future. The good news is, it is preventable, so if you don’t want to spend millions of dollars on health care, radiation therapy, chemo, and surgeries to prolong your life, act now! So how do we prevent cancer? Below are natural ways you can do. Eating Healthy Eating fast food, junk foods high fat and high salt diet are the things we need to watch out for. To prevent cancer, it is important to eat more fruits and vegetables, with adequate water intake. As much as possible avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking. Active lifestyle At least 30 minutes of exercise a day reduces risks of developing cancer in the future. Most people have no more time to jog or have short walks because of their work or busy schedules. These can lead to obesity which is also a major risk factor to certain cancers. Early detection Having yourself screened for cancer will help you largely because cancer have higher cure rate during its early stages. Joining cancer screening programs and health advocacies will help increase you knowledge about cancer. You can also visit Kick Cancer in a Can located at Austin, TX, and learn more about how you can live cancer free....

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