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How to Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of mankind. Once you acquire it, there’s no turning back. That is why it is imperative to keep our body fit and healthy, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.

Most cancers are basically lifestyle related and a small fraction is due to genetics. Sure there are also people who are born with the illness but this is just a small percentage of the population. According to research published in NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) “Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90–95% has their roots in the environment and lifestyle”. So what does this mean? It means that the way we live our lives contribute largely for us getting down with cancer in the future. The good news is, it is preventable, so if you don’t want to spend millions of dollars on health care, radiation therapy, chemo, and surgeries to prolong your life, act now!

So how do we prevent cancer? Below are natural ways you can do.

Eating Healthy

Eating fast food, junk foods high fat and high salt diet are the things we need to watch out for. To prevent cancer, it is important to eat more fruits and vegetables, with adequate water intake. As much as possible avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking.

Active lifestyle

At least 30 minutes of exercise a day reduces risks of developing cancer in the future. Most people have no more time to jog or have short walks because of their work or busy schedules. These can lead to obesity which is also a major risk factor to certain cancers.

Early detection

Having yourself screened for cancer will help you largely because cancer have higher cure rate during its early stages. Joining cancer screening programs and health advocacies will help increase you knowledge about cancer. You can also visit Kick Cancer in a Can located at Austin, TX, and learn more about how you can live cancer free.


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