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Why You Need A Personal Diagnostic Consultation with Dr. Marilyn

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Why You Need A Personal Diagnostic Consultation with Dr. Marilyn

Marilyn is a cancer survivor five times over, which means she knows a thing or two about what it takes to battle this disease. She has been going strong as a cancer survivor for over 26 years and wants to help you succeed in your battle with cancer as well. Her experience includes being a past Director of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well. Over the past 40 years, she has helped a great number of not only cancer patients, but caregivers and survivors as well as medical professionals, explore what it takes to conquer cancer. If you fall into one of the categories of people above, you can greatly benefit from a diagnostic consultation with Dr. Marilyn. Here is what you need to know.

Create a Healthier Lifestyle
Your consultation with Dr. Marilyn will include a customizable nutrition and lifestyle program and that specifically tailored with you in mind. Dr. Marilyn will help you learn how to eat better, exercise, and gain more energy in order to fight your battle. Dr. Marilyn is knowledgeable in the foods and drugs that are harmful to your body during this time, as well as the foods and supplements that will help make your body stronger. She will help you gain control of your body from the inside out in order to be strong and energetic for what is to come.

Get Sound Advice and Encouragement to Succeed
Dr. Marilyn is the best encourager! She is there to answer any of your questions and give you sound advice on supplements to take, what works and what doesn’t, and just what to expect overall on your journey. She is the author of several books on how to get more energy and she will encourage you to carry on in more ways than you can imagine. Dr. Marilyn can truly help you change your life and your mindset so that you can be healthier both physically and mentally, helping you to relieve stress and anxiety that you are experiencing.

If you are ready to kick cancer in the can, call no to get started with your diagnostic consultation!

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