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You’re in a really good place. Possibly the best place you can be because you’ve found Dr. Marilyn. Make no mistake about it, you probably found Dr. Marilyn because you received a cancer diagnosis. Given her having received her own cancer diagnosis several times over, Dr. Marilyn decided to overcome the problem and guided by good sense and determination, she did just what has become the motto of this organization. She kicked cancer in the can!

The cancer rate in the world has been increasing for the last 100 years. Not just a little, a lot. Today’s modern world is full of technologic miracles and they were spawned from high tech processes that have all contributed to creating an environment replete with cancer causing substances. As such, we are greatly removed from nature that generally protected us over the millennia and thrown into a world with radiation, pesticides, genetically modified food and processed food in every shape, manner and form. Add petrochemicals, smog and a few other niceties of the modern world and you have a recipe for an increased cancer rate.

Your lifestyle is a modulus that can affect your cancer risk. If you’ve actually been diagnosed and you’re searching through the literature for the best course of action, that in itself can be exhausting. There’s enough info on the Internet that it would take a lifetime to sift through it all and then how do you know what to believe? This is why the concierge cancer consultant, Dr. Marilyn Joyce has created her organization which serves as a guide. She’s been through it personally and experienced the full gamut of what the entire cancer industry is ready to draw you into.

Because of her own will to live and her dedicated commitment, she was able to summon a indomitable inner spirit that literally took her the extra mile she needed to survive and she’s ready to help you do it, too! Relatively simple dietary changes can make a big difference in cancer but what are they? Marilyn knows. Lifestyle changes can help prevent cancer from reoccurring but what are they? Marilyn knows. The fact is, surviving cancer is going to require a whole body makeover and your journey begins with the sage wisdom and advice you can get from just one place. The unique services from your concierge cancer consultant, Dr. Marilyn Joyce and the team at Kick Cancer In The Can!

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