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Got Cancer? Meet the Vitality Doctor

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For those of you who have been diagnosed with cancer and are searching for alternative treatment, or maybe you are just tired and overwhelmed with the stress of having cancer and are in need of a boost, let me introduce you to Dr. Marilyn Joyce.  She is better known by her patient’s as the “Vitality Doctor” because that is exactly what she helps to bring back into her patient’s lives…vitality. Dr. Joyce is a Registered Dietitian, and has her doctorate in Psychology and Nutrition.  She has had 30 years of experience in nutrition and is an author and speaker to the cause as well.  More importantly she is a five time cancer survivor, so she can relate to her patients on another level. She has been cancer free now for 25 years, and teaches her patients the tools and techniques that have helped her fight cancer in her journey. She understands exactly how hard it can be, and how it feels to be given weeks to live. Rising above all of that has given her the experience and knowledge to help others.

Dr. Joyce has authored many books about wellness and nutrition and she has developed INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y. which is a system of strategies and techniques that can be done in less than five minutes by any person at anytime to promote healthy living. In her best selling book, 5 Minutes to Health, she comprehensively evaluated what people should eat, along with the proper ways to eat, how to prepare the food, store it, and when/how often one should eat as well.  She includes easy to follow recipes in there as well for convenience.

Dr. Joyce offers comprehensive mentoring to help on a more personal level. She offers diagnostic consultation which consists of a 30-minute phone session where you get her undivided attention to discuss your specific needs and concerns.  She offers a 30-day “Emergency” level mentoring, 90-day “Critical” level mentoring, and a 180-day “Intensive” level mentoring.  Whatever your needs are, Dr. Joyce is here to help in any way possible.

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