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Don’t let cancer take over your life

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Born from the experience of having survived cancer, Dr. Marilyn Joyce found a way to turn into a caregiver. She shares her story openly, through her book and web page, letting people know that at 35 years old, at the peak of her career; she was diagnosed with melanoma and uterine cancer stage four. She talks about going through a denial stage, feeling angry, and victimizing herself. She started looking for a ‘magical’ cure until, four years later, with only weeks left to live, a man with a Vita Mix machine introduced her to cantaloupe ice, which led her into a path of recovery. Just one year later she recovered.

Dr. Marilyn Joyce emphasizes that there is no magical answer for everyone but you can get a fighting chance with a high quality diet, an overall lifestyle regime and an individualized program designed for you.

Some of the services offered in her website are a 30-day emergency care, 90-day critical care, 180-day intensive care and diagnosis consultation, where you can have a program tailored especially for you. Each one of these services is aimed at helping patients and caregivers regain their health and vitality. Aside from these three in-depth one-on-one personalized care options, she offers the online home study program.

She is referred to by her clients as the Vitality Doctor and the programs she offers can be carried out in as little as five minutes that anyone can do. If this is not enough to convince you, you can go onto their website and you will find in their homepage that you can register to get a free Cancer In the Can ® Starter Kit.

Being published by premier editors, you might want to take a look at their web page and read their blog or even the testimonials available.


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