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Been to hell, Lived to tell, now Here to expel…

By on Sep 4, 2015 in Blog | 2 comments

It’s Friday afternoon…early September 2015! And it’s time to expel from my life the things that aren’t working anymore – if they ever were! How about you?

As I reflect on the past year of (hell), with some moments of (joy), and definitely some amazing (community) experiences mixed in, I had an awakening!

I wonder if you can relate to what I’m about to share.

This is not about that infernal “pity pot”, but about my realizations on a Friday afternoon…It’s just as the title of this blogpost explains:

Been to hell, lived to tell, now here to expel…


Years ago I read a little book by the late Stuart Wilde, called “Life was Never Meant to Be a Struggle…Hmmm, so what does all of this mean then?

Well, as I sit here on this beautiful, cool, breezy California September afternoon, I contemplate, without fear, simply introspection, how: 

  • Both of my business bank accounts are way over-drafted to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars, one due to a systems error, and the other due to fraud…with no resolution in sight for either account after close to 3 weeks.
  • After working day and night for months now, following the sleep patterns of the early Bill Gate’s days (meaning almost none), and seemingly no further ahead with all of my projects and recommended business directions, continuously getting slapped in the face with NO’s from all directions.
  • None of the projects I’ve invested many thousands of dollars, and many sleepless nights, along with many months of going back and forth with the various persons involved…are working and income generating yet. NONE!
  • After praying daily, and meditating daily using a high end mindset reprogramming process, I’m sinking lower into the abyss of despair as I watch my days, weeks and months fly by with nothing to show for all of my efforts.
  • I feel everyday as if I’m canoeing aimlessly upstream without a paddle, implementing this suggested idea, and then that suggested idea, and reaching out to this suggested person or company, and then that suggested person or company, to get no traction or inroad at all.
  • I’m facing another potential move within one year, with the inherent total disruption of everything I’ve been working at to put into place, resulting in, yet again, another halt to my daily activities as I go through the upheaval and stress of this move…


And so I decided to question God and the Universe as to the reason for all of this. Not out of blame, anger, defiance or fear…well, maybe a bit of fear from time to time! LOL

After many life experiences over my 65 years on Planet Earth, I have come to understand that life really should be like the water, i.e. the streams, rivers and oceans. It should flow….

Of course water has to traverse around and over rocks (obstacles). But there is a flow just the same…And I believe that’s what life is all about as well. It’s about a flow, with some obstacles along the way, but a continuous flow just the same. And when that flow stops…and stays stopped (stuck), it means that this is the wrong waterway we’re traveling on. And it’s time to look for another stream, water or ocean to travel on that allows for greater flow…


So where am I going with this?

Well, like I said, I’ve been praying daily for guidance and direction…and continually going within for answers and guidance. And over the past 4 – 6 weeks, it’s been astounding the number of people (peers, business associates, friends, you name it!) who have asked me the same question over and over again, out of the blue!


“Marilyn, why haven’t you turned Kick Cancer In The Can® into a non-profit organization?”



At first I was completely resistant! But on my daily walks I continued to pray and ask for guidance. And then another person would ask this same question, or make the suggestion that I consider turning this non-profitable, profit-based business, into a non-profit business.

And then it all hit me like an “I shoulda had a V-8!” moment…

Out walking, and moon gazing, over the past several nights, I reflected on what everyone had been saying to me. That I’m a natural influencer! And how, over the decades, I’ve been instrumental in building massive amounts of business and financial success for several companies. I’ve helped to make them, and their business partners, very wealthy, through the power of my compassionate, committed, inspirational – and yes, even motivational – VOICE!

And now the time has come to do the same thing for my own “baby”, Kick Cancer In The Can®. And how best to do this?

…To shift it from what it is now, which is serving almost no one, to a force that can have a huge global impact…a force that has the potential to change the face of cancer forever – for all concerned: patient, survivor, loving caregiver and medical professional caregiver (who is also a loving caregiver in most cases)!


And just how would I make this happen?

By the redirection of my own energy, focus and activities back to my deepest passion: that of compassionately serving and caring for, as well as educating, anyone who needs it, regardless of whether they have the funds to pay for my services or not…and to use my own unique talent, which is compassionate inspiration, to make this happen!

…by using my words, written and spoken, to affect a major positive change in the industry called CANCER, both for the individual and for the world! And to put an end to it as an INDUSTRY!

So interestingly, today, I received an email that directed me to 4 very powerful videos. My first reaction was: I don’t have time for distractions right now! I have way too much that must get done today! Especially on top of trying to put out all of these darned fires! (Have you ever felt this way?)

But…my gut reaction, in the face of all of the turmoil I’m dealing with, and the lack of ANY flow in any and everything I’m doing, directed me to STOP everything and watch the videos! Every single one of them related to my present inner processes (mental, emotional and spiritual). And I promise Iwill share them with you over the next week or so, in case you are relating to any of this (remember to visit my Facebook page for the rest of the videos)…

I believe there are no accidents, no coincidences! EVERYTHING happens for a reason! And especially after my continual inner and outer work over the past several months! Of the more than 500 or 600 emails I get everyday, this particular email jumped out at me! I opened it…and this blogpost is the result…


So I wanted to share the video that (for me now) had the biggest impact. Especially after my presentation to my Undergraduate Alumi in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. From a begging teenage kid on the streets of Toronto in 1965 to a globally renowned author and speaker at 65! You can check out that short video at my Kick Cancer In The Can® Facebook page.

It reminded me that the time has come to change my question from – How do we “make” people pay for life saving cancer care? – To – How do we “let” people pay for life saving cancer care? Make sure and watch the video to the end so you can fully embrace a whole new approach to potentially everything in our lives…

Okay that’s it for now…


Much love, and have an Amazing Labor Day weekend!

Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™

PS: After you’ve read this post and watched the video please leave your comments below, and/or on my Kick Cancer In The Can® Facebook page! What do you think about the idea of this shift in question, and about Kick Cancer In The Can® becoming a non-profit global force for positive change? Would so love your input!


  1. Marilyn, Thank you!for sharing this … both your story and journey, and the TED talk. YES, it is about CONNECTING with people. And, you have such a heart to help others. Helping people needs to be made easier. There is so much fear about “enabling” or “devaluing” by giving. When did that happen? One of the golden rules is “It is better to give than to receive.” If a non-profit helps you help more people, people who otherwise may not be able to get your loving and caring assistance, I say it’s a FABULOUS idea!

    I love who you are and what you stand for. You are strong. You persevere. You stand up for what you believe in. You are quality. You are generous, transparent and real.

    Keep asking and praying and following. God wants all of us to use our gifts. We each fit into a special spot in this world, one that only we can fill. And it’s not a spot about money. It’s a spot about giving and sharing and using our hard times to comfort and aid others in theirs. We all need it. Stay in your heart. God will provide.

    Love you, dear friend … Traci


    September 5, 2015

    • You’ve got that right Traci! All about a deeper connection…and about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable! And real! 🙂

      Dr Marilyn Joyce

      September 5, 2015

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