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Fighting the psychological aspects of cancer is akin to winning the battle

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Cancer is a very dangerous disease. It is capable of harming the individual physically as well as mentally. It can cause untold agony on the family members and the loved ones of the afflicted person. The secret of dealing with cancer is to attack the psychological aspect of the disease. You cannot find a better person than Dr. Marilyn Joyce to help you in the...

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Do complementary therapies make a difference in your life while suffering from cancer?

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Complementary therapies such as meditation, art therapy, acupuncture, and reflexology can make you feel better even through the toughest times. Isn’t it a good idea to receive therapy from a specialist who has thrived through the path you are walking on?? When you, a friend, or a close loved one is facing the trauma of this disease, a complimentary therapist will...

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Kick Cancer in the Can: A tool to help you combat cancer

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Cancer, the very name can send the shivers down the spine of everyone. However, do you know that cancer is curable? There are instances of people leading normal lives today after suffering from the ‘dreaded C’ in the past. One such person is Dr. Marilyn Joyce. The toolkit: Conquering cancer is a great achievement on its own. Helping others to do so is a nobler...

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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality

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Steps to Help Cancer Patients Regain Vitality Cancer treatment can have a huge impact on the body. It all depends on the type of treatment. Also cancer patients respond differently to chemotherapy due to the varying physiological profiles of the patients. After the treatment, restoration procedures are necessary. The body does not always regain its vitality...

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3 Ways That Can Help You To Mentally Cope With Cancer While Going Through Treatment

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Cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy and radiation is not a walk in the park. It is brutal and requires you to be mentally tough, otherwise it will break you mentally and physically in the end. You might think that being diagnosed with cancer is the hard and devastating part until you have to start cancer treatment. There are a number of things that you can do...

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Dr. Marilyn Joyce

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Try to think about a person who isn’t related or doesn’t have a friend who has had cancer. It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t have a close connection to this disease. With its presence more abundant than ever, cancer has become the main study of hundreds of projects and research investigations where each day more and more scientifics try to find a cure....

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