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 However you ended up here, you made a wise decision to pick up your 10 Quick Healthy 5-Minute Tips…for anyone who is not satisfied to just survive when you can Thrive! You can get started today to take back control of your health and your life…and quite literally Kick Your Energy into the Highest Gear Possible, no matter how tired and run-down you may be feeling…or how crazy busy your life is today!

 “Please don’t let the simplicity of these quick and easy 5-minute healthy strategies deceive you. The SECRET to making them work for you is to take consistent daily action…just pick a tip and do it everyday for 7 days. Then pick another tip and add it to your daily routine for 7 days. Remember, each tip only takes 5 minutes. So you will have painlessly added 2 great practices to your day in only 14 days. And so far they have only taken 10 minutes total!  Just keep adding a tip a week, drop the ones you don’t enjoy, keep doing the ones you love.

 Here’s the best part! Even if you did everyone of them everyday, that would still only be a total in your day of 50 minutes! Most of us waste more time than that being stressed out, tired out, and raiding the fridge or the liquor cabinet!  Be patient and follow the tips explicitly. Get inspired by how much better you begin to feel! Enjoy your ever-increasing energy levels! And I’m confident that you’ll be delighted with what you accomplish.”

Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™


National Marketing Director and Author Carol Ranoa Endorses Dr Marilyn Joyce

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